Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

Twitter Storys: Chat with sexy actress Eliza Dushku

From the tweets of Eliza Dushku

We all love the sexy albanian born actress Eliza Dushku, but one of you lucky bastards will have the chance to chat with her -- it will cost you a hell of a lot money, but its all for charity. 

Eliza is making some cool promo stuff for her mothers Tharce Gulu Inc that assists women and children in healing from the traumatic events of war, sexual enslavement, extreme poverty and lost opportunities. 

So hit the ebay link to check out her offer. You still have 3 hours. And, yeah its a video chat. So show Iliza your house, browse her through your dvd collection or just ask her some ultra, geeky questions...most likely about her rumored role in the third "Ghostbusters" movie -- you will have ten minutes... 


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